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Current Exhibition


Chinese Anzacs: Chinese Australians and World War One

14 July 2014 – 31 July 2015

When World War One was declared in 1914, Australia rallied behind the Allied efforts. More than 330,000 mobilised personnel were called to action, of which, a small proportion were Australians of Chinese descent. Billy Sing, Caleb Shang and Hunter Poon are some of the well-known Chinese Australians who served in the frontline.… Read more

Upcoming Exhibition

Kong Linguang (1)

Roles by artist Kong Lin Guang

21 – 25 August 2015

Chao opera, or Teochew opera, which originates from southern China, has a history of more than 3000 years. Like other variants of Chinese opera, it incorporates music, song, dance, martial arts, acrobatics and acting, and relate stories from traditional Chinese literature and folk tales.  Changing times have led to this valuable theatrical form gradually declining in popularity.… Read more

Donation of the Month

A postman’s Chinese teapot in a basket

This tea set was given to Cecil Douglas (1897-1961) who worked as a postman delivering mail from the General Post Office in Melbourne. It was one of a number of gifts he received from appreciative Chinese customers. He was also given embroidered handkerchiefs and once, a German Shepherd puppy.

Others recall drinking tea from sets like these in the old clan stores in Little Bourke Street.… Read more