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Current Exhibition

Sophia Li - 30th (1)_smaller

30th, by artist Li Yinghong

29 August – 2 September 2015

Li Yinghong celebrates life and family through this exhibition of ceramic sculpture and mixed media paintings. Feminine figures represent the different stages in her life and her feelings toward them, and her roles as wife and mother. Abstract paintings depict her daughter’s first moments of walking, playing and more.… Read more

Upcoming Exhibition

Nick Chin art2_smaller

Tales of Recollection, by Artist Nicholas Chin

10 – 14 September 2015

This exhibition presents a selection of works by artist Nicholas Chin. Through his art, Nicholas shares impressionistic recollections and stories of his life in Malaysia, and of finding himself living in a land far from home. Influenced by Surrealism and artists Frida Kahlo and Rene Magritte, Nicholas’ art is centred around the on the themes of filial piety(the relationship between parent and child), the self, security, nostalgia, and his Malaysian-Chinese heritage, as expressed through fantasy, dreams, and symbolism.… Read more

Upcoming Event

Support our Collectors’ 30th Anniversary Publication

Submit form by Sunday 30 September 2015

Our Museum is turning 30 this year! To celebrate the Museum’s cultural and community milestones during our 30-year history, we will be producing a Collectors’ 30th Anniversary Publication.

The content will include insights into Chinese Australian History since the 1850s, but also significant references to the Chinese Community in today’s Australian society.… Read more