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  • Distant Worlds: Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930s

    Distant Worlds: Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930s Photographs by Henry ‘Harry’ Curtis 双城记:30年代的上海和香港 亨利“哈里” • 柯蒂斯摄影作品 6 May – 16 August 2018  This is the first time Henry ‘Harry’ Curtis’s photographs have been shown since they were taken over eighty years ago in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Though he was an amateur photographer, Harry’s images’ bring vividly to life the people and the places he explored as a young man.  Through the camera lens, we share his early adventures and are transported to a past time and Distant Worlds. The majority of photographs selected for the exhibition come from a series that we believe were of particular interest […]

Upcoming Event

  • Exhibition Launch Invitation | Grandmothers: Seen through the Eyes of Six Contemporary Chinese Australian Artists

    As was often the case in Chinese culture, grandmothers were often caretakers for their grandchildren while the parents went out to work. They were industrious and told stories, cooked meal and sewed clothes. Their emotional handiwork has left an indelible stamp on their grandchildren.In conjunction with our Multicultural Museum Victoria (MMV) members, the Chinese Museum invites you to embark on a complex and rich journey.  Explore the theme of ‘Grandmothers’ through the work of six contemporary Chinese Australian artists: Nicholas Chin (Co-Curator), Tammy Wong Hulbert, Emilia Johari, Judy Leong, Yinghong Li, and Xiao Yu Bai. 在中华文化中,外婆通常在孩子父母外出工作时,担当起照顾儿孙的责任。她们勤劳能干,给儿孙讲故事、做饭、缝衣服。在情感上给她们的孙辈留下了不可磨灭的印记。澳华历史博物馆携手Multicultural Museum Victoria(维州多元文化博物馆)成员,邀请您一同踏上一段意味深长的情感之旅,与Nicholas Chin,Tammy Wong Hulbert, Emilia Johari,Judy Leong, Yinghong Li 以及 Xiao Yu Bai 六位现代艺术家一道,共同探索“外婆”这一主题。   You’re […]

  • Exhibition Launch Invitation- Bringing Meaning: Landscapes By Zhou Xiaoping 《另一种呈现:周小平的绘画艺术》开幕仪式

    The Chairman, Mr Bill Au and the Board of the Chinese Museum cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition. We are pleased to welcome back Zhou Xiaoping to the Chinese Museum for this exhibition. Zhou Xiaoping’s work speaks to the connections of Aboriginal rituals, customs, myths, and to the land where the physical world and the interior and spiritual realms merge. The Chinese Museum would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Chinese International Arts Festival. The exhibition will run until 6 March 2018. *Free event. Click ‘GOING’ or RSVP to marketing@chinesemuseum.com.au for free entry. Time: 6:00 pm Friday, 6 October, 2017 Location: Level 1 Gallery Chinese Museum, 22 Cohen Place  我们非常荣幸地欢迎周小平先生再次回到澳华历史博物馆举办此次展览。周小平先生的画作为我们展现了原住民仪式、风俗和传说之间的联系,也还原了那片土地之上,现实世界与内在的精神王国合二为一。澳华历史博物馆特别鸣谢中化国际艺术节对本次展览的鼎力支持。 开幕式当天,维多利亚多州元文化委员陈之斌先生、周小平先生将会到场致辞并与来宾交流。此展览将展出至2018年3月6日。 *此次开幕式为免费活动。在澳华历史博物院的Facebook上点击 ‘GOING’ […]

  • Invitation- Celebratory Launch of Chinese Australians 200 years邀请函:《澳洲华人200年百万则故事展》庆祝晚宴

    This is a very important year-long celebration that you can be part of!   2017 and 2018 is a very important time to recognise and uplift the Chinese Community through a year-long celebration created by the Chinese Museum acknowledging two major milestones in our history: In 1818, Mak Sai Ying arrived in Sydney, as the first known Chinese-born settler. In our 200th year anniversary, the Chinese Australian population has reached over one million. We sincerely invite you to join us at the Park Hyatt Melbourne on Tuesday October 17 2017 for a special celebratory funtion – CHINESE AUSTRALIANS 200 YEARS CELEBRATORY LAUNCH.   The Celebratory Launch will be a significant event attended by Chinese, […]