Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Level 1 Gallery

Until Sunday 23 September

A transition from traditional dress through to the adoption of a new identity as contemporary Chinese Australians

The exhibition has been created in partnership between the Chinese Museum and Deakin University.

In 1818 Mak Sai Ying arrived in Sydney as the first known migrant of Chinese descent – the start of a 200-year journey of the Chinese community in Australia. At this 200 year milestone, the Australian population now comprises over 1.2 million Chinese Australians – a community that has influenced the evolution of contemporary Australian Society and, in the future, will play a pivotal role in the shaping of Australia as a nation, particularly in its engagement with the Asia Pacific region. The Museum is celebrating this bicentenary by staging an exhibition called Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve, a journey about a personal and collective identity reflected through the garments Chinese Australians have worn over the past 200 years in Australia.