Wàipó 外婆

Grandmothers: Seen through the Eyes of Six Contemporary Chinese Australian Artists

Wàipó 外婆:六名华裔现代艺术家眼中的外婆

Part of the Multicultural Museums Victoria ‘Grandmothers’ project

6 May - 16 August 2018

As was often the case in Chinese culture, grandmothers were often caretakers for their grandchildren while the parents went out to work. They were industrious and told stories, cooked meal and sewed clothes. Their emotional handiwork has left an indelible stamp on their grandchildren. This exhibition will explore the larger universal notion of the feminine, timeless and boundless connecting us all regardless of different languages and diverse cultures.

Wàipó  外婆 at the Chinese Museum, chronicles the traditions and changing roles of grandmothers in China and in Australia through specially commissioned artworks by Nicholas Chin, Emilia Johari, Yinghong Li, Tammy Wong Hulbert, Judy Leong and Xiao Yu Bai. It explores how these artists’ individual histories and intimate relationships were impacted after they or their family immigrated, and the traditional roles and different cultural influences from China to Malaysia and Australia.

Principal Partner: Gandel Philanthropy

Multicultural Museum Victoria is proud to have Gandel Philanthropy, one of the largest private family foundations, coming on board as the Principal Partner, supporting the 'Grandmother' Project exhibitions across all five museums.

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Producer, director, editor: Judy Brandt
Director of photography, culture consultant, translation: Hannah Yun
Special Acknowledgement: Joyce Agee


  • Judy Leong completed her Master of Fine Arts at RMIT University in 2010. She also has a BA Fine Arts, a Diploma of Visual Arts and a Diploma of Stitch and Studio Textile. She is a practicing artist and also teaches textile art and patchwork from a studio in Melbourne.