Chinese Australians 200 Years

Australians of Chinese descent have been a part of Australian society for over 200 years. They have come from a common cultural thread, but their journeys to Australia have been diverse.

At various times over the last two centuries, many left China and South East Asian countries fleeing drought, famine, social and political upheaval, while many have arrived seeking economic opportunity and a better life.

Some families have been in Australia for as long as five generations. Some do not identify with their Chinese ancestry, while others who have recently migrated from China are settling into their new-found home.

The diverse origins of Chinese Australians make them, not one community, but many groups of people with wide-ranging cultural backgrounds and community interests.

Having experienced discrimination for much of the past two centuries, Chinese Australians have helped shape multicultural Australia as you see it today.

They have responded with their industrious nature and their endurance – forging a long-term bond with the Australian community at large.

In 2018, Chinese Australians reached over 1.26 million, representing 5% of the Australian population. Their trials, tribulations and triumphs are told through the many stories in this exhibition.