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The Chinese Museum plays a pivotal role in bringing to life a vital element of Melbourne's rich multi-cultural mix. We combine the story of making a home in a new country, the Chinese Diaspora from across the globe, and a deep understanding of Chinese culture. 

We need your support to deliver our core objectives:

-Rich exhibition content

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-Establishing a contemporary arts space in the city

We have a range of projects and ways that you can help the museum. All donations are provided with a DGR receipt which means you can offset against your tax this year.

We need your support to deliver the Chinese Australian Story:

  • Contemporary Art at the Chinese Museum

Zhou Xiaoping, Chinese Australian Artist, Winter 2017


Xiaoping: “I’m a citizen of the world; I don’t see barriers between people”

Zhou Xiaoping is a Chinese Australian who has does something that very few Australians have done.  Xiaoping has spent several years living in remote Aboriginal communities in Arnhem land and the Kimberley. During this time he learned firsthand the ancient traditions of an art form that is steeped in symbology and meaning.

Xiaoping then went one step further and set about integrating this first hand knowledge with his classically learned techniques in Chinese and European art. The result is a truly unique form of expression that combines elements of all these traditions, embedded within is deep symbology and meaning, in a form that is at once vibrant and hinting of deep connectionSUPPORT US with earth and people.

Xiaoping makes clear that different cultural backgrounds can be brought together in a respectful way, one that enables us to see commonalities, and not differences.

The Chinese Museum has a unique opportunity to show Xiaoping’s most recent work from late May to the end of the year in our largest gallery space on the first floor. Putting together such a show involves cost around display, marketing, labelling, travel, curating, translation and installation. 

Would you help us please to fund this show?

All supporters of this show will be fully acknowledged in the show, and in addition all donations will receive a tax receipt which will enable you to write the donation off against tax.

I really would encourage you to consider being a part of this tremendous show.

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Mabel Wang (nee Chen) 22nd July 1924 – 12th May 2017

Mabel Wang Memorial Fund 

The Mabel Wang Memorial Fund will establish a Chinese Museum Education Program teaching children about Chinese Dragons. For more details click here

Donate to bring this education program to the museum.


Schools Subsidy Program

It is a financial challenge for some schools to bring classes into Melbourne to take part in all that we have to offer. Help us to offer free places and a generous contribution to the cost of transport and lunch in Chinatown for these schools.

-Goal per two classes $2,500. Donate today.