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Museum Education Manager (Part-Time)

About the role

Our museum's education program includes school excursion programs, guided tours, workshops, lectures and the Travelling Museum outreach program. The Education Manager is responsible for the design and the delivery of these programs to our school children and adult audiences alike.


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The Chinese Museum is a dynamic and growing cultural institution that not only tells the story of Chinese migration to Australia but also is now home to a vital contemporary arts space. To help us to convey our enthusiasm for what we do and to assist us to grow further with deep insights into customers needs and expectations we very much value the role that volunteers play in helping us to deliver our purpose and role.

We do have opportunities for volunteers to support the museum; these positions are unpaid and place no onus on you to attend at a specific time or date. We do however ask you to consider making a minimum time commitment as indicated for each opportunity.

Current volunteer vacancies:


We have a wealth of customer insight data that we are time poor to analyse. Ideally you are a marketing / communications undergraduate wanting a great project to get your teeth into. Look at our existing quality measuring systems, help us to improve them, set up regular reporting and assist us in developing insights of how we can use that knowledge to further improve on our service delivery.

Examine our customer source data, groups data, by product, by location, really any permutations you can think of - all with the stated intent of ensuring that we can invest our limited marketing budget in the most effective way to bring more people to the museum and live our desire to engage as many members of the public as possible.


With over 2,000 schools in Victoria our already successful education program still has so much potential to grow. Help us to understand better where our groups come from, who books, what additional schools to target, talk to teachers, share your passion and excitement for our programs and use the feedback that you obtain to assist us in growing our reputation even further as a leading cultural educational product for Victoria.


A museum relies on multiple sources of funding to not only deliver current services and programs but also to develop and deliver powerful exhibitions and content. We are currently very successful at self-generating funds from our own activities. We still have significant potential to grow the opportunities for funding from trusts, philanthropic bodies, and corporations. If you see yourself with a future in fundraising for charities and you'd like a dynamic and forward looking organisation to learn and practice this skill set then we have an ideal volunteer opportunity for you.

The Director  of the museum is also looking for an inquisitive and organised volunteer to assist him in maintaining the momentum of change that we have started. Diary and meeting organisation, action follow-up, note taking at meetings and other administrative functions will enable you to gain a dep insight into the practical hands on application of running a medium sized NFP while also having the support of a committed and enthusiastic museum director.

Retail - no opportunities available currently

We have a small shop which has opportunity to grow. Ideally you might have  a day a week to come in, check stock levels, help us to brainstorm and look for new products, suggest stock orders and to manage stock counts and presentation. Have you run a shop in the past and now want something to do to keep your retail skills alive or perhaps you are learning retail and this kind of sole responsibility will help you to enhance your promotion opportunities elsewhere. Either way we would love support from someone with a commitment and passion for both the cultural and retail sectors.

Visitor Services - no opportunities available currently

The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm every day with the exception of public holidays when we are closed. Starting with welcoming visitors to the museum and describing the great range of experiences that the museum holds over time we hope that volunteers will offer regular talks about aspects of the museum as their experience and confidence grows. Being both articulate and handy would be a great combination as visitor services volunteers also play an integral role in assisting us to prepare craft materials for the several thousand students each year who arrive specifically for craft based sessions at the museum.

Collections & Curatorial - no opportunities available currently

Cleaning, repair, rotation, research are all activities which engage the collections and curatorial team at the museum. Volunteers with a deep interest in this field and students wanting practical hands on experience supported by our team, are both categories of ideal potential volunteers for the museum. Maintaining a powerful visual aesthetic is critical in ensuring that we are able to engage the public with our collection

We also have a need for volunteers who have strong IT literacy and a desire to enhance their research skills to assist us in digitising our records and improving the depth of information we already have that is digitised. A significant project opportunity exists here to identify the best forward looking digital strategy for our collection and top instigate, develop, and manage a process that will realise a powerful vision where our collection is easily accessible on line.

For all volunteer positions:

- Please be at least 18 years old

- Have a strong empathy for cultural diversity

- Be available between 10 am and 4:30 pm

- Please send an email, outlining your experience, your interests, and what supporting the Chinese Museum means to you to ceo@chinesemuseum.com.au with the header Volunteer Opportunities, let us know which of the opportunities appeals to you most

- and also complete the Volunteer Application Form


We are unable to offer general internships, however, if on reading this page you can see an opportunity for a specific project that will assist you in securing course credits and help us to drive a great change to support the museum then we would like to hear from you. In the first instance do complete the volunteer application form and make clear you are seeking an internship opportunity as indicated on the form.

Work experience

We are unable to offer work experience opportunities for minors under the age of 18 years.

If you are interested in applying to volunteer with the Museum, please complete the volunteer application form and email to info@chinesemuseum.com.au (please attach Volunteer Application Form with your CV).