Incursions: The Travelling Museum


If it is not possible for you to bring your students on an excursion, the Chinese Museum can come to you, with our Travelling Museum. This is our key outreach program, comprising a half-day package of activities which are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. It can be run as part of a Chinese cultural day or multicultural day celebration at your school, or on its own as part of a unit of study on China-related themes.

The program presents an engaging series of cultural experiences on-site at your school, run by trained Chinese Museum instructors. It has received a very positive response from schools since its inception in 2012 and several schools have made it a regular part of their annual program. The Travelling Museum was the recipient of a Museums and Galleries National Awards for Public Programs. Download incursion program here


What schools have said about the Travelling Museum:

“I have engaged the Travelling Museum Program into our school events for three different occasions so far and I have never been disappointed.”Mingjia, Mandarin Teacher

“The students really loved the dance and still talk about how much they enjoyed making dragons.” - Elena, Year 7 Teacher

What students have said about the Travelling Museum:

“We found the Chinese medicine interesting as we have never heard of many of the ingredients used! I liked being able to pick up the ingredients to feel and smell them." - Year 6 student

“It was good how everyone had a go at the dance… and we enjoyed making the lanterns.” - Year 5 student

Travelling Museum to Rural Victoria

The Chinese Museum has received funding from the Victorian to take the Travelling Museum to selected areas in regional Victoria (download brochure here). Our first trip is scheduled to the Sale/Bairnsdale area in early 2019. To enquire or register your interest, please email


Victorian Curriculum: Humanities: History Levels 1-10; Languages (Chinese) Levels F-10; Civics and Citizenship Levels F-10; Intercultural Capability Levels F-10; The Arts (Visual Arts) Levels 3-10; Personal and Social Capability Levels F-10; Health and Physical Education Levels F-10 (Depending on which activities are selected.)

$17 per student for three activities
$10 per student for one activity only

Distance surcharge: A surcharge of $100 per 10km applies to schools further than 30km from the Museum.

Minimum: 70 students for 3-session incursion; 100 students for 1-session incursion.

Maximum: We can cater for up to 300 students in one day for 3-session incursion. Activities are run on a rotating roster.

Duration: All sessions are 45 minutes long. Total program is 3 hours approx., including breaks.

Session 1: Movement

This session is designed to engage kinetic, visual and oral learners. All students have a chance to participate. Choices include:

Language and culture through movement and song
A fun, energetic session introducing the concepts of Mandarin language through song and movement. Includes elements of Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Lion Dance
Students learn the cultural significance of this traditional Chinese dance while participating in the movements and playing percussion instruments.

Kung Fu Workshop
A brief introduction to Kung Fu, which aims to achieve physical, mental and spiritual harmony. Includes basic anti-bully and stranger danger techniques. The emphasis is on discipline and respect for oneself and others.

Kung Fu Workshop

▇ Session 2: Objects of History and Culture

A tactile session which immerses the students in exploration of objects related to Chinese culture.
Choices include:

Ancient Chinese Inventions
Did you know that the umbrella is a Chinese invention? Students will hear stories about some of the most interesting Chinese inventions in history, as their classroom is turned into a museum exhibition space for hands-on exploration of objects.

Chinese Herbs and Medicine
Your classroom will be transformed by the aromas of Chinese herbs as students explore the philosophy behind this ancient Chinese tradition. Students hear about the healing properties of ancient Chinese ingredients and invent a recipe for a healing soup. (N.B. No eating is involved. No known allergens are brought into the school.)

Learning about Chinese Herbs

Learning about Chinese herbs

▇ Session 3: Hands-on Craft Workshop

This very popular session allows students to make their own Chinese craft/art piece.
Choices include:

Students learn about the significance and history of lanterns, while creating their own from paper and bamboo. (N.B. Younger students can undertake this session if they can be teamed up with an older buddy to assist.)

Chinese Paper Cutting
Chinese paper cutting dates back to the invention of paper in Han Dynasty. Students create a decorative paper cut and learn about the cultural significance of paper cuts and the role they play in Chinese festivals and celebrations.