Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition

24 -26 August 2018

Mr. Jiqun SU, better known by his pen name Xu SU, was born into a family with a traditional Chinese culture in Beijing. Influenced by his family and Chinese cultural traditions, SU developed a love of Chinese calligraphy, display talent since he was 8 or 9 years old. SU then went on to study traditional Chinese Calligraphy under the tuition of Master Yong KANG, becoming one of Master Kang's most distinguished student.

As a renowned and highly accomplished calligrapher, Mr. Jiqun SU is an all-around master. His abilities in calligraphy styles Kai, Cao, Li and Zhuan can be attributed to his assiduous attitude to pursue art and calligraphy throughout his lifetime.

Mr. Jiqun SU is currently a member of the China Calligraphy Association, member of the Beijing Chinese Calligraphy Association, Beijing, vice president of the Chinese Contemporary Artist ZEN Institution and Director of Creative Department and is an Executive Committee member of the East and West Artists Association.

苏季群先生,笔名苏序,出生于北京一个 传统文化世家。受家庭影响和秉承先人的天赋 ,以及中国古典文学的薰陶,自幼喜愛书法, 八、九夕时便开始潜心临摹碑帖。後师从着名书法家康雍先生,成为康老的得意门徒。作为当今书法乞术上造诣頗深的书法家,苏季群先生可谓称得上是一个全才,他精通中国书法眞、草、隶、篆诸体。而他孜孜以求的为艺之道,也成就了他极高的艺术修养。

苏季群先生现为中国书法家协会会员,北京书法家协会会员, 中国当代名家禅宗艺术研究院副院长,东西方艺术家协会创作部主任、常务理事。