Stories My Grandmother Didn’t Tell Me | Heart-to-Heart Talk with Grandmothers

When: Thursday 12th July 2018, 6-8 pm

Location: 1st floor gallery on Chinese Museum

How do we see our grandmothers? What do they mean to us? Or, more importantly, what do we mean to them, and how do they see themselves?

At the Chinese Museum’s special after-hours event, settle in with a cup of tea and listen to two remarkable Chinese grandmothers share their experiences of how they responded to the many new pleasures and demands of being grandmothers.

Free entry, food and drink provided. Bookings essential.

Exhibition Launch Invitation- Bringing Meaning: Landscapes By Zhou Xiaoping 《另一种呈现:周小平的绘画艺术》开幕仪式

The Chairman, Mr Bill Au and the Board of the Chinese Museum cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition.

We are pleased to welcome back Zhou Xiaoping to the Chinese Museum for this exhibition. Zhou Xiaoping's work speaks to the connections of Aboriginal rituals, customs, myths, and to the land where the physical world and the interior and spiritual realms merge.

The Chinese Museum would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Chinese International Arts Festival.

The exhibition will run until 6 March 2018.

*Free event. Click 'GOING' or RSVP to for free entry.

Time: 6:00 pm Friday, 6 October, 2017

Location: Level 1 

Chinese Museum, 22 Cohen Place 



*此次开幕式为免费活动。在澳华历史博物院的Facebook上点击 'GOING' 或回复 即可参与。

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Bringing Meaning: Landscape Paintings by Zhou Xiaoping 另一种呈现:周小平的绘画艺术

25 August 2017 - 6 March 2018

Level One Gallery

The Chinese Museum is delighted to welcome back artist Zhou Xiaoping for the exhibition, Bringing Meaning:  Landscape Paintings by Zhou Xiaoping.  It has been fifteen years since he first exhibited at the museum.  He exhibited on three previous occasions in two solo exhibitions (1993, 2002) and a group show (1996).

Over this period, Zhou has become an important figure in contemporary art in Australia and China.  He has had 40 solo exhibitionsnumerous art residencies, and two books have been published in China on his work.  In 2011, he was the subject of a documentary film called Ochre and Ink about his experience as a Chinese artist in Aboriginal Australia.  Over his career, he has established enduring friendships with members of the Aboriginal community including the late Jimmy Pike. In 1999, Zhou and Pike held a joint exhibition in Beijing at the National Gallery of China.

Chinese Australian and Chinese artists are known and celebrated in Australia and around the world. Zhou Xiaoping's career and artwork offer a unique viewpoint, which combines his classical Chinese skills in brush stroke painting with Australian Aboriginal influences that merge immigrant and indigenous identities into a seamless whole.



自周先生第一次在澳华历史博物馆展出作品后,如今他已成为中澳当代艺术领域的重要人物。陆续举办了40场个人画展,参与无数次艺术活动,并且在中国出版了两本书籍。2011年,一部以周小平先生为主角的纪录片电影《赭石与墨水(Ochre and Ink)》问世,讲述了他作为一名中国画家,在澳大利亚原住民地区进行艺术创作的历程。


About the artist

Zhou Xiaoping is a Melbourne-based artist, born and educated in China. Since 1988, he has been actively engaged with Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land and the Kimberley. 


Learn more about him.

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