Xi Ming Hu Chinese Painting and Calligraphies Exhibition

30 Mar – 6 Apr 2013

Artist Xi Ming Hu celebrates 50 years as a professional calligrapher and painter with this exhibition. Born in Shanxi, China, Mr. Hu is the Deputy Chair of the Northwest Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute and Honourable Chair of the Shaanxi Calligraphy and Painting Art Research Institute. He also serves in other cultural, research and teaching organisations. Trained in traditional calligraphy and painting styles, Xi Ming Hu also incorporates his own personal style and original concepts into the art he creates.

珠光玉顏 (2012), ink painting on rice paper 宣紙水墨, 200x 80 cm

image: 珠光玉顏 (2012), ink painting on rice paper, 宣紙水墨, 200x 80 cm