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Private collection courtesy of Hank Ebes


  • slider_han with sponsor logo-extended Han Dynasty: Life Everlasting

      people ‧ ideas ‧ innovation While the power of Roman Empire was rising in the West, the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) founded the Eastern civilisation in China through a period of cultural and technological development, economic wealth and territorial expansion. This brand new exhibition showcases this significant period […]


  • hero_final-chinese-text The Unruly Art of Leo Tien

    30 Nov 2016 — 19 Mar 2017 A deceptively simple painting, titled Happy New Year Family, shows members of a Chinese family staring directly out of the frame — but upon closer inspection, the portrait is really an indictment of racist attitudes. On the left side of the canvas, there is a small bleeding heart and […]


Finding Gold

Our permanent exhibitions spaces offer insight into Chinese and Chinese Australian culture.