Sponsor Story: Central Equity

The Chinese Museum would like to extend our sincere thanks to Central Equity, our longest serving corporate sponsor, for their generous support through the years. As a multi award winning industry leader in residential properties in Melbourne, this caring Company has actively sponsored a broad range of community organisations and groups over the years, including the Chinese Museum.

Central Equity

From the left:Victor Li, Karl Kutner, Eddie Kutner (Central Equity CEO), Jeremy Vile, Peter Selinger (Chinese Museum Director), Ian Carkeek

Central Equity were also kind enough to generously participate in our latest activity by enthusiastically purchasing 4 limited edition Dai Loong dragon scales this year. These original dragon scales are from the 100 metre long Dai Loong or Big Dragon which was the centrepiece of the annual Chinese New Year parade from 1979 – 2000.

Owning one of the 500 framed dragon scales represents a rare opportunity to become an honourable witness of the living history of Chinese Australian.

Dragon Scale Order Form

We sincerely appreciate the decision by Central Equity to extend their support to the Chinese Museum for a further three years, which helps  the Museum to  continue to fulfill  its mission and serve the Chinese community.