Roles by artist Kong Lin Guang

21 – 25 August 2015

Chao opera, or Teochew opera, which originates from southern China, has a history of more than 3000 years. Like other variants of Chinese opera, it incorporates music, song, dance, martial arts, acrobatics and acting, and relate stories from traditional Chinese literature and folk tales.  Changing times have led to this valuable theatrical form gradually declining in popularity. The photographs in this exhibition showcase Master Kong Lin Guang’s project to capture the painted faces of each character role in Chao opera, and the unpainted faces of the actors. These photographs will provoke visitors to contemplate the significance of the masks and the interchanging roles of these actors on and off the stage.

Master Kong Lin Guang is a photographer, painter and calligrapher. In the past 30 years, Master Kong has won more than 30 national awards in China, and in international photography competitions. He is also the artistic director of a number of public welfare societies.

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