Past Moon Festivals at the Chinese Museum

It might not be as big as Chinese New Year – but it’s certainly no less vibrant. Yes, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is here again – the holiday you may associate with the full moon, lanterns and binge-eating mooncakes. While the festival began life as a harvest tradition, today it’s a family-oriented holiday that has everything to do with getting everyone together and eating celebrating.

It’s something the Chinese Museum tries to achieve every year, albeit with a refreshing twist each time. This year includes a special workshop for the whole family, as well as a contemporary art exhibition pertaining to a more abstract concept of the moon. But how exactly did we celebrate in the past? Perhaps you were even there with us. So, here’s a blast from the past: our previous festivals in pictures, as found in the ‘archives’.

Some years we showed off our lanterns:

Moon Festival 2011.


Some years, our costumes:


And as always, performances:



Sometimes, everyone joined in:



Offerings were made:



Lanterns were made:

2012 Mid-Autumn 211


But seriously, don’t forget the mooncakes:



And yes, sometimes we improvised with a wine bottle as a rolling pin:

2013-07-04 12.19.39-3