Meeting Halfway: Contemporary works on paper

Original Breath Derivatives

Sun Baijun, 孙佰钧,2012, Original Breath Derivatives, 原衍生息,40 x 300cm (yellow)

10 Nov – 25 Nov 2012

This exhibition brings together two Northern based Chinese male artists and two Melbourne based female artists in China and Australia – thus “meeting half way”. The artists are all exploring the contemporary relevance, symbolism and cultural antecedents of “mark-making” primarily working with and on paper in a variety of forms.   Significantly, the artists are all working on an installation basis thus pushing the boundaries of “art making with paper” into new and atypical representations for works on paper. The exhibition features the work of Denise Keele-bedford, Freda Watkin, Sun Baijun and Zheng Xuewu. The exhibition is an event in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of Australia-China Diplomatic Relationships.