An intern’s illustrations of Melbourne’s Chinese-Australian community


Back in July/August, the Chinese Museum was fortunate to have Dorrit and Kelly on board as marketing interns. The two students came here from Taiwan as part of a school program, and generously volunteered their time and skills at multiple Chinese-Australian organisations and associations, including the museum.

Dorrit has since left Australia, but recently she sent over her own illustrations of her time here in Melbourne – a city she had a blast not only exploring in, but contributing to. These lively images also give us great insight into how our Chinese-Australian community might be viewed through a Chinese lens from abroad.


Right: “The world’s biggest processional dragon. The Millennium Dragon awaits the new year to participate in the festive street parade.” Left: “The Gold Rush. The life and times of 19th century gold miners, who came to Australia’s ‘New Gold Mountain’ from Guangzhou.”

dorit2Internship tasks and the people of the Chinese Museum, e.g. Top left: “Painting the gallery. Featuring  the graceful Uncle Kim and the always energetic Michelle.” Bottom left: Taiwanese vs. Australian post boxes. Middle: “The charismatic Financial Officer Pody, who, even with her busy workload, never forgets to care for us.


dorit4Assisting with Sabrina Dance Troupe for the Melbourne Taiwan Festival. Bottom right: “Sabrina Dance Troupe was invited to plan the event’s programming and different types of dance choreography, displaying the lively and passionate spirit of Taiwan.”