Ink Wash Painting and Life, Emotional Connections with Australia

7 May – 12 May 2016

new posterMi Fengguang born October 1956 from Shengzhou, Zhejiang. Skills developed through self-study and learning from artists. He specialises in carving, sketch with brush, ink wash painting of figures and caricatures. His proficiency in clay figurine shaping enabled him to found a school ‘Zhejiang Clay Figurine Mi’. Member of the Chinese Folk Artists Association, Vice President of Zhejiang Folk Artists Association, Vice President of Zhejiang Caricaturists Association, Vice President of Shaoxing Artists Association, and the director of Zhejiang Clay Figurine Mi Research Institute.

Real life figures are depicted by free-sketch with traditional ‘ink’. His figure Ink Wash Painting reflects on social activities and directly faces life and focuses on ourselves. Modern Figure Ink Wash Painting adds more spirituality by means of the intelligence, consciousness and perception of people. It is an unsurpassable way for ink wash painting to be in touch with the times and to carry forward in the future.