Films by Wang Bing

12 – 27 October 2013

The Chinese Museum is honoured to be hosting the films of revolutionary film artist Wang Bing as part of this year’s Melbourne Festival. Films by Wang Bing, grassroots documentary director, will be screened continuously during the Festival at the Chinese Museum from 12 – 27 October 2013.

The Melbourne Festival will showcase some key works by Wang Bing, a revolutionary artist whose daring films define the political courage, tenacity and artistic sophistication of a new generation of Chinese artists.  Films will be screened at the Chinese Museum and the Capitol Theatre.

Wang Bing (王兵) is a Chinese director, often referred to as one of the foremost figures in documentary film-making. Two of Wang’s most intimate films will be played at the Museum continuously throughout the Festival period. Fengming: A Chinese Memoir (2007, 227 mins) interviews a woman who experienced imprisonment during the infamous Cultural Revolution. Man with no Name (2009, 97 mins) silently tracks an anonymous man living in a deserted wasteland in some harsh, unnamed part of Chinese countryside, Wang depicts the human being reduced to his most stoic and rudimentary essence. Wang’s films has won multiple international awards, including Venice International Film Festival (Italy), Cannes Film Festival (France), Marseille Festival of Documentary Film (France), and Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (Japan).

The panel discussion will be led by Dr Ying Qian (Australian Centre on China in the World, ANU) in discussion with filmmaker John Hughes, Louise Neri and others, at the Chinese Museum on Monday 21 October, starts 6 pm.

*Admission fee to the Chinese Museum will be waived on presentation of a ticket from any Melbourne Festival event (12-27 October only).