Chinese Anzacs: Chinese Australians and World War One

16 March– 3 May 2016

Due to popular demand, this exhibition is returning for a limited time.

When World War One was declared in 1914, Australia rallied behind the Allied efforts. More than 330,000 mobilised personnel were called to action, of which, a small proportion were Australians of Chinese descent. Billy Sing, Caleb Shang and Hunter Poon are some of the well-known Chinese Australians who served in the frontline. Other stories remain untold.

In the lead up to the centenary of World War One, the Chinese Museum researched these untold stories of Chinese-Australian war contributions both at home and abroad. This exhibition seeks to reignite public and community interest in World War One and to present an alternative, community-centred commemoration of World War One which cannot be achieved through history books.

Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial, C00429

Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial, C00429