Chinese New Year 2018 at the Chinese Museum

Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Mark your calendar -The Chinese Museum will be awash with activities on Sunday 18 February. As is the tradition, the Millennium Dragon will emerge from its hibernation in the museum for its annual Dragon Parade prancing around the city streets in all his glory from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm

From 1:15 pm onward, after the return of the dragon, the Museum will open its doors to the public for FREE. Come to explore the rich cultural heritage of our Australian Chinese community- and loads more!

You can also find our stalls in the Chinatown Square shop for gift to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Find more activities in the Chinatown precinct here. Proudly sponsored by Central Equity and RACV. 


The Chinese Museum is delighted to invite you or your organization to contribute and join in the celebration of 200 years of Chinese Australian history.

In February 1818, Mak Sai Ying from Guangzhou arrived in Sydney as the first recorded Chinese settler in Australia. It was to be the start of a 200-year journey of the Chinese community in Australia.

Today, more than 1.2 million people declare their Chinese ancestry and in 2018-2019, the Chinese Museum will mount the ONE MILLION STORIES Exhibition to showcase the varied, interesting journeys and events of individuals, families and groups through this 200-year settlement and integration in Australia. Learn more about the exhibition background.

We propose a number of ways in which you and your organisation could be take part in this milestone Exhibition and include ‘your’ story and thus paint a comprehensive picture of the 200 years of Chinese Australian history:


Nominate an individual with a remarkable story as a ‘first generation’ arrival, who may have arrived anytime during the last 200 years. This could be a person many generations ago or someone who arrived in Australia recently.


Tell the story of your Chinese Australian organisation: its history, its role in the community, its activities and its vision and aspirations.


Tell us about a notable event or episode during the last 200 years that links Chinese and Australians together.


Donate or loan photographs, videos, documents and artefacts or objects that are relevant to the stories you are nominating that can be used as part of the Exhibition.

  1. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the exhibition.

Please complete this submission form, which summarises your application. You can also submit online.


Your submission summary will be reviewed and we will contact you on how to proceed with supplying further information. Your full submission will be required by 29 June 2018.

Deadline for Expressions of Interest:  Friday 2 April 2018

Deadline for Full Submission:                 Friday 29 June 2018

Send submissions to:

One Million Stories Curator

Chinese Museum

22 Cohen Place


By email to:


Call Emilia Tagaza on 0431 974 011


RACV Members Chinese New Year Exclusive Offers

RACV is helping us usher in the year of the Dog! On Sunday 18 February 2018, you can take in the colour and noise of Chinatown’s traditional Dragon Parade, sponsored by RACV.

RACV members can enjoy a host of exclusive programs and benefits during Chinatown’s 2018 Chinese New Year festival period – including free entry to the Chinese Museum from the 10 to 17 February.

Simply show your RACV membership card at the Museum to gain entry. One RACV membership card per family (2 adults and 3 children) is required. You can find more information here.

Other special events for RACV members during the celebrations include:

  • Han Dynasty Exhibition and Museum guided tour exclusively for RACV members on Sunday, 11 February at 2.00pm and Saturday, 17 February at 2.00 pm.  (Value $12.00 per person. RACV members free of charge)
  • For families with children, the Museum provides a special Zheng He's Treasure Hunt Map, where you can find the answers to the map around the Museum's five floors and win a beautiful prize. (Value $28.00 per family. RACV Members free of charge).

Zheng He’s Treasure Hunt

Next challenge? Chinese Museum’s Treasure Hunt is back!

It’s the time of the year to kick this treasure hunt into gear. Warm up your engines and navigate your way through history with the Chinese Museum’s Children’s Treasure Hunt.

Your guide is the famous Chinese navigator Zheng He, who lived during the time of the Ming Dynasty and explored new lands as the admiral of China’s navy.

With a treasure map and Zheng He’s help, you will search the museum for clues, learning lots about history along the way across Chinese Museum’s five floors.

Ask for the Treasure Hunt Map at the Information Desk. If you go back afterwards and have them check your answers, they'll give you a beautiful prize on completion of the treasure hunt.

Price: $5

Languages: English


The Museum welcomes diverse artistic programs that contribute to a broad understanding of Chinese Australian and Chinese art and culture – from aesthetics to social, and historical exhibitions to contemporary programs.

We provide two unique spaces, Level One Gallery and Level Two Contemporary Art Space. These spaces are available for hire by curators, group artists and individuals working in painting, sculpture, photograph, fashion, design, installation, video, and sound and dance.

Exhibition projects are selected depending on the availability of space and duration of the hire. In general, we are looking at space availability for the coming year.

The museum staff work closely with the selected curators and artists in developing and promoting their exhibition projects. We encourage both emerging and established art professionals to apply and propose for group or solo exhibitions.

Before submitting the proposals, please read the detailed Q&A and fill in the Expression of Interest form.