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The museum would like to thank you for your strong support of the Mabel Wang Memorial Fund. Your generous donation will go a long way to helping us to establish a Chinese Museum Education Program teaching children about Chinese Dragons.

Your support is vital to securing the museum’s role to preserve and promote Chinese culture and history.


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Interior Journeys: Traditional Chinese Paintings

Level 2, 18 May- 25 August

Alive with vivid colors and expressive brush strokes, the paintings in this exhibition express profound emotions.

Traditional Chinese landscape paintings have evolved over centuries.  These contemporary watercolour and ink paintings continue a tradition where artists use the metaphor of the natural world to express deeper feelings in what has been described as “mind landscapes”.  In these paintings, we are immersed in the artist’s Interior Journeys.

Xu Zimin’s work was first exhibited in the Chinese Museum in 1998 along with the other artists in the exhibition.  The most notable of the group, Xu Zimin studied at the Jiangnan Painting Academy in Shanghai and has exhibited internationally.  Less is known about the careers of Yi Fei Lu, Ren Tu Wang and Huang Hu and we are continuing to research these artists and identify one unknown artist.

All of these artworks will become part of the Chinese Museum’s permanent collection.  With these acquisitions, we will preserve artworks that reflect the evolution of Chinese painting for future researchers and audiences to the museum.

Special thanks for the outstanding curatorial research by Vanessa Shia, who has worked tirelessly to try to solve some of the mysteries around these artworks and the artists.







特别在此感谢Vanessa Shia为展览所做的资料搜集。因为她不遗馀力的努力,让本馆对这些艺术品和艺术家的创作意念有更深的了解。


Mabel Wang Memorial Fund




Mabel Wang (nee Chen), 22 July 1924 – 12 May 2017, passed away peacefully at Cabrini Hospital Malvern, Victoria.

The Chen family has been an active family in Melbourne’s Chinatown since the 1930s in commerce, community and local politics. With her husband, Councillor David Wang, Mabel was a great contributor to the City of Melbourne in the late 1900s.

Mabel was one of the founders of the Melbourne Dai Loong Association and was instrumental in raising funds for the commissioning and purchase of Melbourne Dai Loong (Big Dragon) in 1978, which was the first processional dragon made in China for 30 years. Along with other dragons, Melbourne Dai Loong appears in the Dragon Gallery at the Museum.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Mabel Wang Memorial Fund that will establish a Chinese Museum Education Program teaching children about Chinese Dragons.

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Sponsor Story: Central Equity

The Chinese Museum would like to extend our sincere thanks to Central Equity, our longest serving corporate sponsor, for their generous support through the years. As a multi award winning industry leader in residential properties in Melbourne, this caring Company has actively sponsored a broad range of community organisations and groups over the years, including the Chinese Museum.

Central Equity

From the left:Victor Li, Karl Kutner, Eddie Kutner (Central Equity CEO), Jeremy Vile, Peter Selinger (Chinese Museum Director), Ian Carkeek

Central Equity were also kind enough to generously participate in our latest activity by enthusiastically purchasing 4 limited edition Dai Loong dragon scales this year. These original dragon scales are from the 100 metre long Dai Loong or Big Dragon which was the centrepiece of the annual Chinese New Year parade from 1979 – 2000.

Owning one of the 500 framed dragon scales represents a rare opportunity to become an honourable witness of the living history of Chinese Australian.

Dragon Scale Order Form

We sincerely appreciate the decision by Central Equity to extend their support to the Chinese Museum for a further three years, which helps  the Museum to  continue to fulfill  its mission and serve the Chinese community.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival at the Chinese Museum


IMG_0836April was an exceptional month for the Chinese Museum. We were proud to partner with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year, for the first time, as a key venue for 203 shows. We enthusiastically welcomed 8,000 people to enjoy comedy performances in the unique environment of the Museum. We also gave away free double passes on social media for two Chinese comedy shows to our Museum subscribers. Thanks to the Comedy Festival, the museum was able to welcome many new friends to have their first visit here.


Tim Chan and Vivek Mahbubani, the two award-winning comedians from Hong Kong were eager to share their experience of performing at the Chinese Museum. They also expressed their strong desire to visit and perform at the Museum again next year. Click here to check out what they said about the Museum.